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If you're looking for ultimate relaxation and a healthier you - you've come to the right place. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist , Certified Esthetician, Certified Reflexologist Therapist and Reiki Master and am committed to your health-oriented satisfaction.  I want the best for your life in health and spirit!!


Massage can manipulate soft tissue, which helps promote healthy blood circulation, cleans toxins from muscle tissue, and provides overall relief from muscle tension. Massage reduces muscle tightness and restrictions, improving flexibility and muscle balance. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, brain chemicals that are the body's natural painkillers. The effects of massage can include a reduction in pain, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and can support a sense of relaxation and well-being. 


Massages can be booked in half hour and hour increments.  They are $50.00 per half hour or $100.00 per hour in my healing room/office.  Longer massage appointments can be booked as requested. House calsl are available in the privacy of your home. (additional charges are added due to travel time and distance).


Choose from a variety of services:


Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage

Cupping Therapy

Thai Massage

Trigger Point

Organic Facials

Facial Massage Lift

PCA Peels

Hot Stone Massage

Perinatal and Postpartum Massage (hospital  and home visits available)

Infant Massage (teaching available to the parents)

Seated Chair Massage (office and corporate visits welcome)


Pranic Healing

The Reconnection



Raindrop Therapy/Aroma Dome Treatments


Possible Combinations & More


         * Massage/Aromatherapy/Reflexology              

* Massage/Reflexology

                     * Raindrop Therapy/Massage                              

* Reiki/Massage

                        * Aromatherapy/Reflexology                                

* Hot Stone Massage/Aromatherapy

                  * Hot Stone Massage/Reflexology                      

* Pranic Healing/Massage

* Facial Massage& Face Lift Massage/Facials


** Please call for prices as they may vary according in the combination chosen.


Please check with your insurance company to see if they will reimburse you for massage therapy.  I can fill in an insurance form which you may submit to your insurance company to get reimbursed. This is a fabulous way to experience the benefits of massage while getting a reimbursement from your Health Care Provider.


Contact me today!  Home visits and hospital visits are possible!  Gift Certificates are available and are perfect gifts for Holiday Gifts, Bridal Parties, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries for your special loved one coming up!  Surprise your loved one with a gift certificate.  Remember you don't need a special occasion, just a good reason to share the healing touch of massage!  Give the gift of health! They will love you for it! 


Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to call me at my Office:  203-849-9269, or Cell:  203-856-5786.  Please email me at with any additional questions at [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you very soon!

About Me

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist for 24 years and am a Certified Esthetician, Reiki Master, Certified Reflexologist. 

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Massage sessions are usually booked in 1/2 hour or an hour increments.  Should you wish a longer session, this can be accommodated for each person.  

A 60 minute massage session is $100.00, in my healing room/office.  

I do offer house calls for those who wish to experience massage therapy in the privacy of their home.

Please call to book your healing appointment.

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